Responsible Angling Education

Our programs range from 2-8 weeks long during the school year and summer with children ages 5-18 years old in multiple locations. In these classes, experienced youth volunteers teach the children the basics of the sport. Also, the volunteers instruct on how to enjoy the sport in a more responsible manner by utilizing certain techniques, understanding local rules & regulations, and using more environmentally friendly materials.

Core topics taught include: invasive species, overfishing, ocean pollution, marine conservation, coastal habitats, and many more. Participants are also taught basic fishing knots, how to cast a fishing rod properly, and about what to carry in their tackle box.

At the end of each program, we host a graduation party usually coinciding with a field trip such as to a local pier, lake, nature center, or deep sea fishing trip. This unique experience, usually a first for many of the kids, is followed by a catered meal at which certificates and new fishing equipment are gifted to each graduate.

If you are interested in starting the program in your area please contact us to discuss further.

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